AFL Homepage future state


We are continually looking at ways to deliver content for a wider range of fans and bring more life in to the visual designs of


 The concepts are based around having less news content on the homepage (and directing the fanatic fans over to and thus being able to utilise the homepage for newer fans and those that know less about AFL as a game.

We developed new modules to house longer form content/video and also ways to promote our new YouTube content. Other new modules include a discover and play section to help onboard.



Australian Football League (AFL)



Programs & tools



Wireframing (whiteboard)
Competitor Analysis
UI Design / Visuals
User Testing
Design Reviews

Please read the case study for the previous case study to see how we got to this stage

Progression of the AFL Homepage

The legacy homepage pre 2018, the homepage we launched in Nov 2018 and the future state

The Process

Design Process

My design process involved taking the wireframes from the Head of Product & Development (Wayne Vickers) and designing the interface to work across all platforms. This involved designs for the different breakpoints including desktop, tablet and mobile. 

The UX Team (Wayne Vickers, Lisa Von Fersen and myself worked from sketching up wireframes on the whiteboard, to translating these to low-fidelity designs right through to high fidelity

Lisa and I explored multiple layout options for the page and modules to ensure it had the right balance for the user and business.




Steps for designing modules

We used a whiteboard to quickly sketch concepts, followed with low-fidelity designs, then apply some UI and finally with the new styles and toolkit


We came up with three layout options to user-test. The difference being more and less feature news, a new video module, ‘My Club’ section, and long-form content


We came up with new modules that can be utilised across the site, including the homepage and news page.